In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, she talks about how there is always a “shit part to every job.” There are things you will not like in everything you do. She said a writer friend of hers said he hated certain things, so he was leaving the career. The things he hated were stronger than his desire to be an author.

There will be things about your job that are not fun, but most don’t make you want to quit.

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When you evaluate your career, write the things you don’t like. Some things will be easy to change. The things you will not want to put up with anymore, are the deal breakers

What do you dislike about your current career/job?
What things on the list are dealbreakers?

This list will give you insight and help you identify why you are ready for a change. This will also help you when looking for a new career. You will watch out for the dealbreakers.

Awareness sets us free.

When I was looking for my next career, I had a few ideas of things that interested me.

One of the careers that interested me was being an artist rep.

I looked at the career. I looked at my personality, I looked at what I wanted.

I helped a friend start his art business. He didn’t want to do any marketing or sales. He wanted me to do it all. I wanted to help him to find his way. Not do it for him.

This made me realize that it was important to me that the people I worked with were doing work too. I didn’t want to do everything for anyone.

I am the second oldest of my family. I was the one who took care of everyone. It comes easily to me. But I was finished with that. When I did everything for my family or other people, they didn’t appreciate my efforts. They resented my help.

Instead, I learned to empower people to make changes and make their life better. Instead of enabling them to stay in inaction, empowering them helped them feel good. They may have struggled a bit, but they were happy making it happen.

I want to work with people who want to make changes in their lives but didn’t know how.

When I went through my second divorce, I worked to understand my past and my choices. I was ready to make a change. I was only able to make those changes because I wanted something different. I didn’t make many changes after my first divorce. I just blamed it on him. I didn’t grow from that experience. So, I repeated my pattern and picked my next husband for the same reasons.

Once I started to understand how things worked differently, I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. I wanted to help others see the light too. Not everyone wanted to hear what I had to say. Only the people ready for a change. Only the people ready to grow and take responsibility for their choices in life.

As a coach that is what I do. I help others see the light. See things from a different perspective.

My life’s experiences led me to coaching.
What about you? Where can your experiences lead you next?

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