Having an open curious mindset is an important start to finding a new career.

When you come at ideas with curiosity you will ask different questions than if you don’t.

Think about a new situation. If you come to learn, you look at the situation with an open mind you will be ready to see something new.

If you come with a know-it-all mindset, or the thought “I can’t do that” “why would I want to do that” you mind is closed to new possibilities.



It is fear that closes our mind.

Your brain is only there to protect you. And it’s way of keeping you safe, is to keep you in the same path you are on. The unknown is very scary.

Here is a example of my mind being closed.

I have a fear of wild animals. No matter how small. I blame it on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. “It’s just a bunny “stuck with me.

Years ago, I heard squirrels in my attic, I knew I had to do something. A friend let me borrow a have-a-heart trap.

My attic access is a ladder. I couldn’t figure out how I would get the cage down with a live squirrel in it. It would be upset and attack me. My fear of wild animals is strong. How would I get it down?

I told my friend my dilemma. He spoke slowly and told me to “tie a string on one end and lower it down.”

It was simple and made total sense. It never occurred to me when I was thinking about trapping the squirrel. I didn’t think of it because my mind was in fear and closed down.

Finding a new career can be like that too. You are confused and afraid of the unknown.

When you think of other possibilities your mind gives you all of the reasons you can’t do it. This happens very quickly. You are smart and your mind works fast. This is why you are stuck without a clue as to what to do next.

Blame it on your brain.

You can take control of your brain. You can decide to thank it for protecting you and then think in a different way. Think with an open mindset.

Talking to others to get a new perspective can help. Just like I did with the squirrel and trap. Because my friend wasn’t afraid he could think creatively.

Having an open mind doesn’t happen without consciousness and practice. You have to decide to open your mind. The more you practice the easier it gets.

Curiosity is the mindset needed for change.

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