We live in is a fast-paced world.

The conveniences we are so used to now are making communication, connection and life move quickly.

It has made our lives busy in a new way. 

Clock face

We are constantly on the move. I have read that a lot of ideas come out of boredom yet we are not letting ourselves or our kids be bored.

It takes time to think, process and design.  

This is also the case when it comes to designing your life, it takes time. Time to discover more about yourself, time to dream from a new perspective and time to design by taking all that you have learned and experienced into account.

Why does it take time?

Because the process is about looking at things within you that you haven’t necessarily thought about in the past. It is about thinking from a new perspective.  

Until you think about things differently, you will see the same things.

I remember as a child spending hours watching the clouds and coming up with what we thought they looked like.  We all saw different things. But we couldn’t see it until another person pointed it out, and sometimes that even took a minute because our mind was still stuck on the first image.

This is how life is. We see what we are used to seeing. We think the way we have always thought.

Changing our thoughts takes work.

Think about computers, mobile phones and zoom. These things changed our life. Someone had to dream and design them. They saw things differently. They looked out of the box. They dreamt of what could be possible. And they took time to make it happen.

It wasn’t an overnight success. It took years for these things to be designed, created and accepted in our society.

We forget how long it took for us to learn to walk, read and even ride a bike.

No one goes from beginning something new to success overnight-no matter what we think. It takes time to figure out how to get to that success.

That time is essential because we learn.

We learn how to excel at what we are doing, we learn how to tell others our message and our mission, and we learn how to make our dreams happen.  We get stronger during this process- in our skills, our belief and our why.

So be patient. Take time to enjoy the journey because that is what life is all about.