I was looking on Facebook one day and came across a list of deathbed regrets. It was fascinating. I enjoyed seeing the advice from these older and possibly wiser people. I try to relate everything I read to my life. And I try to find the lessons to share with others.

This list made me think about what I could adjust in my life, so I wouldn’t have regrets on my death bed.

We only have one life. We have control of that life in the choices we make. There are so many ways to live. We get to decide what is right for us.

Would I end up with regrets? Was I making the choices that aligned with my values?

There are so many things happening in our daily lives it is easy to forget how we really want to be. How we want to think of others. How we want to contribute to our community. And how we want to treat our loved ones.

We don’t always stop to smell the roses.

These lists gave me a moment to pause and check in with myself. See how I act on a regular basis and make sure it is aligned with how I want to be as a human on this earth. There were many things I was actively doing. There were also a few I wasn’t.

Take a moment to google “death bed advice” or “death bed regrets”.

Look at a list or two. What are your thoughts about them? Are the things they are pointing out, important to you?  What is important to you? What adjustments do you want to make?


Life is a journey. You can adjust or change your path at any time.