Dreaming gives you ideas, it opens your mind and shows you patterns.

Remember looking up at the clouds in the sky and coming up with different things you saw. Your mind was open. It was fun and creative. And everyone saw different things.

man laying on grass looking up at sky

The first step to dreaming is to be calm and have a clear mind. Get yourself to the thought that anything is possible. Really believe that.

A trick to doing that is to think of something you think is impossible. Now think again and come up with a few ways it could be possible.

When you are in the possibility mindset, start dreaming.

I want you to just dream about ideas that sound interesting to you. I am sure there are many things you have thought of in the past and then moved beyond. The main reason you pushed it aside was probably that you thought you didn’t have the skills or experiences to make it happen. Or maybe you thought it was stupid.

Don’t worry about this at this point. Just dream. No judgement. Do not think about how to do it, or even if you can do it.

This exercise will show you patterns. Patterns in your thinking, patterns with your solutions and patterns in your interests. This is a great place to start.

Have fun with this. Make the lists long. The more you expand the list the more you expand your mind. Enjoy this exercise. It is supposed to be fun.

I am sure there are similarities in your answers. Remember everyone will think differently. What do your ideas show you?

I am here to help. Let’s start with a plan and get you on your next path.

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