Belief is an interesting concept. I have held the belief that I could do anything as a career.  Even when I didn’t know what that was.

I found a path when I was in college. After college I figured out how to pursue that path. I enjoyed it until I didn’t. I was ready for something new but I didn’t have a plan B.

Heart balloons fill the sky

I have had a very diverse work history. I have enjoyed many things. I have tried many things trying to find my ‘calling’. It paid off. I found Coaching. It ties all of my interests, personality and experiences together. And I love it.

Along this discovery path, I knew I would find my way. I had belief I could find my life work. There were times when it wasn’t working that my belief waned. But I always got it back. My main thought has always been that I would make it work.

Belief in my work life is strong.  But belief in my relationships is different story.

After my second divorce it was hard for me to believe I could ever find the right partner. I had already failed twice. I focused on my work and decided to ignore my dating life-most of the time.

I knew I wanted love so I needed to make an effort to find it. They wouldn’t find me if I didn’t try.

I tried online dating, at different times, but gave up very quickly.

I met people in person but my picker was off. I would find something that drew me to them. It was like a chemical reaction. Those were the ones that fit my old pattern of choosing and then I was back in the same type of relationship as before. This pattern needed to change.

As a coach I knew it had to do with me and my thoughts.

I decided to hired a relationship coach. She helped me with all of my thoughts around relationships, dating and men. She helped me see how my thoughts were creating my reality. If I wanted to find the right person for me, I had some work to do.

This took time. There were so many first dates that didn’t work. It was frustrating at times. There were times I wanted to quit.

My coach helped me stay in belief that there was love out there for me.

There were times I thought that maybe I would end up alone. My coach would not let me stay with that thought. She kept telling me that love is abundant and there is someone out there for me.

She was holding belief for me.

I kept looking and going on dates. As my thoughts changed so did the men. I went on a lot of first dates. I wanted to give up many times but my coach kept me on the path to find the love that was out there for me.

  • I defined what was important to me in a relationship.
  • I started to embrace the love I already had in my life.
  • I began to love myself.
  • I started to believe I would find a great partner.

Once all of these things came together, there he was.  I found him. And he is amazing.

My coach held the belief for me until I could believe.

That is one of the things I do for my clients. They are stuck. They don’t know what is next. They are ready to stay stuck because they just can’t figure it out.

This is where I come in. The first thing I do for my clients is believe. I believe they will find the career or life they don’t see or can even imagine.

I help them realize anything is possible.

There are days we all fall down and feel like it is impossible to change or figure out our next step. Having someone believe in you is very powerful.

I help you believe when you can’t.

Are you ready for a change? I am here to help.

Message me to set up a free consultation call where we will determine a plan to get you to your next thing.