I have been thinking about intention.

How and when did I make what I wanted a priority?

A graphic with things you might want in your life.

In the past, I felt like I just floated from thing to thing.

When I went to college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I went with what someone suggested. Then when I was unhappy with that choice, I went with someone else’s suggestion.

When I got out of college it took me awhile to find that first job in my major. I had survival to take care of first. Once the basics were in place, I could  make the career happen.

I was lucky. I found my way to a successful career freelancing in film production. I was enjoying the journey without a clue as to where it would lead. It led me to LA to work on a hot new series. It was very exciting at the time. I was in film mecca. I started to think about my next goal and the steps needed to get there.

That was when things started to change for me. I needed to decide if I want to live the life I was creating?

I started to ask myself new questions. I began to think about how I wanted to live, where I wanted to live and who I wanted in my life.

I was going beyond just a yearly goal. I was thinking about my whole life and how I wanted each day to look.

This started me on a few different paths. It was a new way of thinking for me. I needed to figure out the thing that would give me the life I wanted.

I was mostly enjoying trying new things. When my relationship broke up my world changed again. At first, I was in survival mode. So I got back into film production. I went back to something I knew.

I took care of the basics. Then it was back to the questions:

How did I want to live?
Where did I want to live?
Who did I want in my life?

I knew I needed a goal or an intention of what I wanted my life to be. It was stressful. How I would know when it was the right thing?

I researched, looked within myself, did a ton of journaling about everything I could think of. And found a coach.

I finally found it.

I know what is important to me.
I know how I want my life to look.
I know who I want in my life.

This gave me freedom. It gave me direction and a path to get to who I want to be. I check in to make sure I stay on the path I created. I check in to make sure I like the path I am on. I check in to make sure I am living the way I want to live.

I look at the things I am accomplishing. I can see how I am progressing. As a small business owner there are days I feel I am failing. On those days, I stop, look at the intention I have created for my life. Then I look at the list of the things I have accomplished. I helps me move forward on my path.

Nothing happens overnight. The journey is where we live.

Enjoying the journey is one of my life’s intentions. Having my back has made a huge difference in how I feel along this journey.

We get to decide how we want to feel about ourself every day.

Are you ready to take charge of your life?
I am here to help.
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