The first step to a new career is to get started. After that, the important thing is to keep moving. Keep the forward momentum going.

Do all you can to keep moving so you do not have to start again. Starting is difficult.

Doing one thing a week can get you there. It will keep ideas flowing. And it will start training your brain for the change. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. But if you stop you need to start from a stop again.

Man walking in front of a mural with COURAGE in the mural.


I have a great example of this in my life.

I stop cycling in the winter. It is too cold outside for me to bike. The first year of regular biking I decided to get a stationary bike. My plan was to listen to podcasts while I biked. Seemed like a perfect plan. Until I got on the stationary bike. OMG it was so boring compared to riding on the roads. After 5 minutes I was done.

I did get back on the bike easily after the first winter. I was excited to ride again. However, this year hasn’t been as easy. I have been struggling to get the biking in. The excuses come so easily. I love to ride and thoroughly enjoy it when I do, I just haven’t ridden as much so far this year.

I feel guilty for not riding, I miss the riding when I don’t go. I want to ride more. But I am still struggling at times to get on my bike.

I remember feeling similar feelings when I was ready to change my career. I was so ready for something new. But making the change seemed daunting. Mainly because I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. I had lots of interests but what they would lead me to was still up in the air.

It is so hard to make a change.

Remember our brains are trying to keep us on the same path because it knows that path even if it isn’t a good one. What your brain knows, feels safer. To make a change you are fighting that primal brain. That is why it is so hard.

When I was looking for my next career, I knew I needed help to figure out what was next. This led me to coaching. High achievers like athletes and successful people use coaches. They use coaches to help them reach their goals. Their coaches hold them accountable, push them when needed and give them new perspectives to reach their goals.

The path to a new career is simple but it isn’t easy to see something new without help.

I can help you too. I can open your mind to new ideas. I help you get past your fears of the unknown. I hold you accountable. I can show you what is possible for you and your future.

It is time for a new career in a year.

It all starts with a free consult call.

Let’s get you on a path to your future now,
not in another 10 years.