I was driving to Ottawa on my first housesit. I hadn’t even quit my job or started my coaching business. I had house sitting in my vision statement. Immediately after I finished my vision statement, I went on-line to sign up with a housesitting service. I was heading to Ottawa three months after I thought about that goal.

I was doing it. I was living my dream life.

Eyeball with digital images

You have your vision for the next three years.
Now, let’s make it a reality.

  1. The first step is to read your vision statement on a daily basis.                                                               Your life is created by what you think about. It is very important to think about the future you want. A great way to get it in your thoughts is to read it at least once a day. Read it and imagine it being true. Think about how you will feel. What you will think. Really put yourself in that moment
  2. The next step is to think about what “future you” does on a daily basis.                                                 What kind of habits do you have? How does your day look? What do you eat? What do you think? Not all of this is in the vision. You need to round out that person. What are the things you do when you are that person in three years? Really visualize that life you want to create.
  3. The last step is to start taking action on those daily habits.                                                                        Don’t start all of them at once. Start with one. When that becomes a habit and is easy to keep up with, then start the next one. Just like New Year’s resolutions, starting too many will set you up for failure. Adding slowly, when you are ready, is the best solution. If you start the habits of “future you” now by the time you get three years out you will be that person.

These are the simple steps to make your vision a reality.
You make slow changes to become that person, now. You don’t wait three years, you start immediately.

You create what you focus on.

Do not focus on the negative or what you do not want because you will create that instead.

Keep looking at the vision and make it happen.

Doing it alone is hard. I am here to help you reach the life of your dreams.

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