Thoughts come up when we decide to make changes in our lives.

Just thinking about change will have your brain on alert.

Empty Thought cloud

Why is that?

Our brain is wired to protect us. The things that made it possible for the first cave men to survive is programed in your brain. Survival is the brain’s main function. There are certain things you know instinctively. These instinctual things protect you. In the coaching world people call this the monkey brain or the primal brain. It has kept us alive. When we see something that is dangerous, our brain warns us.

My example of this is a snake. I have seen the skins of black snakes in my basement. I rarely see a snake. One day I was running down the steps to get a tool for a project. At the bottom of the stairs there was a baby black snake. They are not black, they look similar to copper heads if you don’t look closer. I saw the snake and my first reaction was to turn and run up the stairs. Once I was “safe” I could think again. That snake wasn’t after me. I had nothing to worry about, it was just my instinctual response.

My brain did its job. It thought I needed protection.

That is what is happening in your brain when you start to make changes in your life. Your brain offers up thoughts that keep you safe. It knows how to navigate your current path. It wants to keep you there. The known path is safer for your brain. The unknown is scary.

To change your life, you need to manage your thoughts.

How do you manage the thoughts? Knowing what they are is the first step. I like to write them all out each day. This is about awareness. When you know the thoughts, you can determine if you need to listen to them or just thank your brain and keep moving forward with the change.

Start your day with a thought dump. Write down everything you are thinking. Look at the thoughts. Are they serving you by making your life better? Or are they stopping you from making changes that will improve your life?

The thoughts can feel overwhelming at times. But they are just thoughts. That is the part that is hard. They seem like the truth. Learning this distinction is key to managing your thoughts.

We all have thoughts that have protected us all our life. That doesn’t mean they are the right thoughts to help you move forward.

Managing your thoughts will open you up to new experiences, new relationships and a new life. Knowing your thoughts is the first step to managing them.

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The process is easy. Managing your thoughts is one step of the process.

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