I can’t believe we are half way through the year. Let’s see how things are going.

Awareness is always important in every aspect of our lives. Knowing where you are and how things are going is key to being aware of your life. Most of us just keep moving and don’t take the time to evaluate. It is good to take time to see what is happening in your world.

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With evaluations, we always start with WHAT WORKED.

Why do we start here? Because our brain is wired to show us the negative, not the positive. When we go negative, or find the things that didn’t work, it is hard to get back to the positive.

Start with WHAT WORKED.

Look at your calendar, your bank statements, credit cards and receipts. Really look at your year so far. Take time to find the great things that have happened. It is so easy to forget them.

Once again, the brain is trying to protect you so it will show you the negative easily. Take time to really find all of those great things you have accomplished so far this year.

Step two is to look for WHAT DIDN’T WORK.

Even though it may seem negative, it is really just information. Write it all down. What isn’t working? Things you wanted to get done that haven’t happened yet, things that didn’t work even though you thought they would, places for improvement. This list is essential for step three.

The last step is to look at WHAT TO DO DIFFERENTLY.

What little changes can make the rest of your year amazing? Refer to the other lists and see how you can solve the issues you are having. You can also double down on the things that are working.

WHAT TO DO DIFFERENTLY list will give you the tasks and goal for the next half of the year. With this list you can start implementing the changes, slowly! Set yourself up for success. Add one new thing a week at the most. See if the changes make a difference with the things that are not working. Then add another.

On my list I refer to my goals to make sure I am on the right path. I see if things I have on my schedule are moving the needle on my goals. Deleting can be a task too. It is one of the hardest things to do. Most of my changes right now are about saying no. I am working to say no to things that are not advancing my work goals and not helping me live the life I want.

Evaluation can be done at any point. It gives insight and helps with accountability. Evaluate the last six months and then check in again in a week or month. Every time you evaluate your life you will find things to improve how you are doing them.

Have you done anything to make the career changes you desire?

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