Changing careers can be daunting.

You know it’s time for a change because you dread Mondays. You count the days to the weekend. Your spouse and family miss the real you. You are unfulfilled and unhappy. You know there is more out there for you. You are ready for a change. But what’s next?

I remember when I was looking, I had no clue how to begin. At first, I jumped on someone else’s dream. When that didn’t work for me, I had to start again.

It took me almost twenty years to find coaching. I did it on my own. I tried a lot of different careers on my journey. Along the way, through trial and error, I learned what I needed to do to find a new career.

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I don’t you to wait twenty years to find your dream career.

My journey and my clients’ journey helped me design my New Career in a Year Program.

The first step to a new career is Awareness.

Knowing who you are is essential.

What  do you want to do you grow up? How many times were you asked that question? Did anyone ever ask you about your values or how you wanted to live your life?

What are your values? What about your Passions? Do you honor your Skills? What do you love? What do you hate? What is your superpower? How do you want to live? Where do you want to live?

These are just a few areas we explore.

Why is self-awareness important in finding a career?

How you do things matters. If you love something, it feels easy, and you are happy. If you hate something, it is hard to do, and you are probably unhappy while doing it.

How you feel about something creates energy. Your energy affects those around you. People want to be around others that are enjoying work and life. When you are unhappy, it is obvious to those around you.

I have friends who struggled to get freelance gigs in film production. It wasn’t that they were bad at their job, it was their attitude. They got frustrated by something they didn’t like about the job they were doing. Then they were instantly in a bad mood. We all have bad days, but this was something they did at the job repetitively. It got worse after years of doing it. They didn’t see how it affected those around them. They stopped getting hired.

When you are aligned with your career, you will create more success and happiness in your life.

And this will effect all aspects of your life. Your spouse, your children, your pets, your health, your community, your hobbies…

To begin the journey, we start with awareness. It will open your mind to all sorts of new possibilities.

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