Our minds control our lives. We create what we think about.

If we think we will have a good day, we usually do. If we wake up in a bad mood, the day tends to go that way too. We create our reality.

Light bulb brain

The brain has two functions. One is to think. The other is to prove those thoughts. This is why it is important to work on mindset.

What you think, the proving side of your brain proves. The prover will look at your past experiences and find the things that prove your thoughts to be true. When you get stressed and your fear comes out, your brain can give you some crazy thoughts.

It can be hard to see those thoughts as untrue because the proving part of the brain is there to make sure you believe them.

When it comes to changing careers, thoughts will come up. We need to remember that your brain thinks it is giving you thoughts to keep you safe.

Those thoughts can hold you back.

Thoughts like:
T-I don’t want to go back for a new degree. That is my only way to a new career.
T-I don’t want to start at the bottom again. I should just stay here for the next 10-15 years, it isn’t too long, then I can retire and live life.
T-Who am I to want a new career? Everyone wants my career, but I don’t. I am selfish.

When I read these thoughts, I feel defeated, hopeless and stuck. That is exactly what you will be, stuck.

You have the power to change your thoughts. It isn’t easy but it can be done.

There are thoughts that help us grow and move forward.

Thoughts like:
T-I have skills and they are transferable to other industries.
T: I can find something I love and want to do forever.
T-I want to love my work now and in the future.

The feeling I get from these thoughts is curiosity. I feel hopeful and excited about the possibilities.

Finding a new career can be scary.

Whenever you think about making a change, your brain freaks out. Your brain wants you to stay the same. It wants to keep you safe. If you change paths, you might not be safe. That is when your brain is in hyperdrive. You may get scared and freak out.

Working on your mindset will prepare you for those moments.

Working with a coach helps you see the thoughts that are holding you back, so you can change them.

What we think we create.

Start to look at your thoughts and see what you are creating.

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