One of the things I help my clients with is a new perspective on their careers and life.

A new perspective can help all areas of your life.

Let’s start with relationships. With a new perspective you can change your relationships, today.

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We find what we expect and are looking for.

When we meet someone new, we don’t know them and they do not know us. We project what we expect or how we look at the world on that relationship. It is how we operate. Unless we stop and open our mind to this new person we will not see who they are.

You may be unhappy with your job or career. There could be many reasons. Bad boss, unfulfilling work, no connection with the team… We hold onto one idea or thought about a person or situation and stick with that idea.

If we change our thought, we can change the relationship.

My clients cannot image being in their current career or job another day. That is where we start because I like to have them settle the past before moving forward.

We begin by changing one thought about the situation. One thing that will get you in a growth mindset instead of the fixed mindset that you are stuck in.

The only thing we can change is our reaction, we can’t change other people.  The work is all about you. Instead of changing other people, We change your reaction to them. This helps you take your power back.

Awareness is the first step.

With a fixed mindset you are only seeing things one way. You can get upset and stay upset.

I have my clients look at their thoughts about the relationship, look for the patterns in those thoughts and then think of three different perspectives. It helps to acknowledge there are other ways of looking at a situation.

One client was upset when new inexperienced people were hired to work with her. She had worked hard to get to where she is in her industry. She was upset about how they got a break and she didn’t. She was also worried she would be replaced by these inexperienced people. She didn’t like to feel that way.

Her thoughts challenged her daily. And her reaction to them reflected that. She wanted to feel differently she didn’t want to be stressed and unhappy.

We talked and I helped her see it from a new perspective.

We went back to the reason she was hired. She looked at all of her experience and she started to listen to the compliments and other comments from coworkers about her work. We talked about her fears about the new helpers. Then we worked to see them differently. Instead of being upset about it, she worked to see it as a new opportunity for her growth. By the time they finished working with her, she enjoyed their help and was thankful for the opportunity for them and her.

This situation opened her mind to do this at other times too. Instead of having a fixed mindset when she is upset, she now takes time to write all of her thoughts. She looks at those thoughts to find her fears and the disconnect.

Even if the situation isn’t ideal, she can find a new way of looking at it and ultimately find her lesson.

There are so many ways to look at everything in this world. A new perspective has helped my clients foster new healthy relationships in their lives.

What relationship in your life needs a new perspective today?

I am here to help. Send me a message for a free consultation call.

Let’s change your thoughts and open you up to new perspectives.