It is so easy to fall into bad habits when you are overwhelmed, stressed and upset. The more you succumb to the bad habits the worse you feel.

When I was going through my divorce I was hanging with a friend. We were chatting and I said something about me being stupid. She stopped me and said

“Don’t say that about my friend. I know that is not true.
Do not speak about my friend that way.”

She was adamant. It was powerful.

I still hear that today if I start to beat myself up. It was an “aha” moment. I started to think about myself differently. I started to treat me like I treated others. It seems crazy that I would treat others better then myself.

Take a moment to observe your actions and your words.

Being aware brings change. You are the only one to choose how you live your life. Start small.
This week start one healthy habit. Eat better, take a walk, start yoga, read for an hour just for fun.

1.Observe how you treat yourself
2. Do one nice thing for you this week
3. Add a new action to your weekly schedule to show you believe you deserve to be honored.

Just adding one thing that makes you happy will start the healing process. Your goal is to treat yourself as well as you treat your best friend.

This all leads to being able to teach others how to treat you.