When it is time to make a change there are three stages we go through.

3 Quarter stacks with 3 different stages of plant growth.

Stage 1: I don’t know what to do next

This is a common place to be. You had a plan, you made it happen. Now that first career isn’t what you want anymore.

There can be many reasons to move on. It wasn’t what you thought it would be, you reached a goal and don’t want another position in that field, it isn’t the lifestyle you want, you are ready to give back to society in a different way, or maybe it is just time for a new challenge.

I have had this question come up for me many times.  The first time was in college. I had no clue what I wanted to do.  Once I found film production, I thought I was set for life. But really it was just the beginning of my career path.

Not knowing what to do or how to find it, led me to grab at anything that might be interesting.

Not knowing led me to jump on my husband’s dream. He had always wanted to do a Bed and Breakfast. I am a wonderful hostess, I can cook. Why not do that? I found us a job first, which was a brilliant move. We tried it first, before spending money on a place.

That path led me to catering and eventually to opening a coffee shop. These were experiences, but they would not be my final career. Each experience gave me new information. Even going back to film production helped me figure out more about what I wanted and what I didn’t want.

It took time and self-reflection and guidance before I landed on life coaching.

Stage 2: You know what you want to do but you don’t know how to get started

You now know where you want to go, but you haven’t fully committed. Many things can stop us at this stage. I feel this can be more frustrating than not knowing. You can’t seem to find the steps to get you started on the path to your next career.

I knew that Life coaching was for me. I had gotten certified and started to move in that direction. It still took me time to make the change. I didn’t know how to do it. Or at least that was my thought. After a few starts and stops I realized a coach could help me. And she did. She helped me through the blocks that kept me in the unfulfilling career. We looked at all the fears about doing something new, doing it for myself, being successful, and leaving a career and all the people I had worked with for years.

This is a stage where people get stuck. All of those blocks and fears come to the surface as excuses. It can be such a frustrating time.

You know what you want to do. You just don’t believe you can do it. And you are also frustrated by your current job.

It was funny how I waffled. I would have a great work experience and think “Do I really want to do something new?” Then I would have a horrible work experience and be ready to quit the next day.

Making a commitment to the change brought up so many thoughts and emotions. We needed to work through those before we get to stage three.

 Stage 3: Knowing what you want to do and doing it.

Making that commitment was exciting and scary. It finally came down to just taking the leap. I had a leap of faith. I believed I could do it. I had done the work at figuring out my next thing and I was ready for the change. With support I made it happen. My coach helped me to see what was possible.

I looked at all the things I had tried in the past. I looked at my successes to remind myself of all the things I accomplished. And this gave me the confidence I needed to start the new venture.

I knew I had been “coaching” in film production and in all my other jobs along the way. I had been preparing for this career all my life. I just didn’t know about coaching until I did.

I love what I do. I enjoy the challenge of my own business. And there are many challenges. This is the career I have been looking for my whole life. Each day I am inspired by my clients. I am constantly learning and improving my coaching and my life.

As you can see, I understand how each stage feels, I have been there. I want to help as many people get to the career they love and live to their full potential. The work to go through the stages is simple but it isn’t easy. It is revealing, empowering and so worth the effort.

I have found my purpose. I can help you find yours too.

It all starts by figuring out what’s next.

Jump on a free consult call and let’s get you on the path to your next career.