Everything starts with you.

If you love yourself, you can accept love from others and you can give love freely to others.
If you don’t love yourself, love is not available to you.

Start by prioritizing you.

Woman in yoga pose outside at sunrise

I was raised by a narcissist. It has made my journey to self love more difficult. I didn’t want to be a narcissist, so I went the other way. I didn’t make myself a priority. I put others first because that is how I was trained.

I was critical of myself, I couldn’t take compliments, I couldn’t receive love.

I was unhappy but didn’t know what to do. I did what I thought society expected. I got married, worked hard and continued to put others first.

I wanted love and deeper friendships. I needed to make a change. I struggled without knowing why. Through counseling and coaching I found a different way to live.

I found that loving myself was not selfish. It was essential. When you know how to love you can share love. You can express it and receive it.

It all begins with you.

One of my favorite exercises is about compliments. We tend to dismiss compliments.

When someone says, “nice sweater.” I say, “thank you” instead of saying something like, ” This old thing.” Or “I got this on sale.” Just saying thank you honors the person who gave you the compliment and it gives you a moment to honor yourself.

When we make ourselves a priority, we take control of our life.

We are responsible for everything we have created. Honoring the life you have created is empowering.

You created the life you are living. Do you love your life? If not, you are the only one to change it.

Take this week to be the priority in your life. What can you do to be kind to you? What can you do for yourself?

This doesn’t have to be big. It can be an action. Getting up and doing yoga each morning is for me. It is a gift to me. It grounds me, gets my body moving and it starts my day honoring me.

Making yourself a priority doesn’t mean you don’t think about others, or you are not kind, it just means you are on the top of that list.

Change starts with you.

If you are ready for a change I am here to help. It all starts with a free consult call.