You can decide to be happy or unhappy.

A happy woman in front of a house decorated for Christmas enjoying the snow.

How you look at life is how it will be for you. If you look for the bad you will find it. If you look for the good it will be everywhere.

As a child you had very little control of your life. You did what you were told. As an adult you have control of what you eat, when you sleep, who you associate with and how you live your life.

How you show up is what you get.

Here is an example from my life.

Lowe’s is not my favorite store. They are short staffed and the employees do not have much experience with the products.

In the past, I have gone to Lowe’s when I was in a bad mood. I would take my mood out on an employee. How horrible is that?

Not only was a nasty to people that didn’t deserve it. I hated myself, afterwards.

Really, it was never about the employees, it was about me and how I wanted to treat myself. How I wanted to feel. When I went it was because I was feeling bad. I just needed to give myself a reason to feel that way.

When I realized I was doing this, I decided I needed to change it.

What it took for me to change was to recognize what I was doing. I thought about why I was doing it. Then I decided how I wanted to feel and who I wanted to be instead.

Now when I go to Lowe’s, I make sure I have a different attitude. If I am feeling frustrated, I don’t go. When I do shop there, I hope to find what I need but if it isn’t there, I get creative and figure out a new solution with what they have or I go to another store.

It makes me so much happier to be calm and creative in that situation instead of being frustrated and mean. I like myself a lot better during the shopping and afterwards. How I feel is important.

I no longer walk in with the “I hate Lowe’s” mantra. I go with “I am ready for whatever I find here. I will figure out how to make it work.” I don’t get frustrated at Lowe’s anymore.

Needless to say, my Lowe’s experiences have changed.

Now, I deal with my frustration in a different way. I take a walk and work through my feelings. I get curious about why I am frustrated. I decide how I want to feel. Then I am kind and comforting to myself.

I take my power back.

We all get to choose who we are and how we want to live. Happiness is a choice. Are you ready to choose it?

Don’t go into another year doing the same things that didn’t work this year. I can help you find the things that are holding you back.

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