Scheduling gives us freedom and gives us life.

When we schedule we get to decide what we want in our lives and we make it happen. And it gives us power over our how we live our lives.

cyclist holding bike in air at the top of a mountain.

Our life is made up of habits.

I drink decaf coffee. People say they can’t imagine not having caffeine. What I have found is, it isn’t the caffeine it is the routine that I need.

I like to read the local paper while I drink my coffee. I used to have it delivered. When it would not be there it threw my day off. I was surprised at how a little thing like a missing paper could make me so crazy. It happened too many times, so now I read it digitally.

We all have routines or habits that get us through our days. Notice the ones you have. Most of these do not need a schedule. They are our habits.

To do things out of our normal routine we need to schedule them.

I wanted to start cycling regularly. I tried putting cycle today on the daily list and it didn’t happen. When I scheduled it at a specific time I did it. It became a habit.  Then winter happened. The next year I needed to schedule it again to do it regularly.

This past cycling season I wasn’t as good. I did cycle but not as regularly. I can blame it on the weather but really it boils down to my schedule and how it wasn’t on it most weeks.  There was even a beautiful warm day a few weeks ago. I thought I should ride. I didn’t. I hadn’t put it on my schedule.

I beat myself up about not going. I have felt frustrated and mad at myself for dropping this great exercise that I love. So I feel bad and I am less healthy all because I didn’t schedule my cycling as regularly this past year.

This proves to me that a schedule makes a big difference in life. It keeps me honest. It keeps me active and it gives me freedom to live a great life.

I have friends that schedule their whole year’s travel in January. They know what they want to do that year. They live a very active life. They are always exploring. They still have time for spontaneous gatherings when they are around but the big trips are planned.

They are using the schedule to have the life that they want. They are not letting time slip by without doing the things that they want to do.

They have the power in their life. And they are using it to be the people they want to be.

Don’t let your life slip by. Take your power back. Schedule it.

I am here to help take your power back.

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