We have the power in our lives to create whatever we want.

Just sit with that idea for a minute. How is that true?

Flowers growing in rocks because they ended up there. They made the best of their situation.

When you think we don’t have the power to change things, how do you feel?
I feel stuck, unmotivated, unhappy.

What if you decide you do have the power for everything in your life, how do you feel?
I feel empowered. I can decide to do something and make it happen.

I decided to be happy in my life. I have the power to control that. I started to think about what made me happy. Then I put those things in place.

I began this process by looking at who I am and what I wanted.

Once I really looked at who I am, what I wanted became obvious.

I wanted to be healthy so I started biking regularly.
I wanted a partner so I worked with a relationship coach to find the thoughts that were holding me back from meeting the right person. And I found him.
I wanted a local community for support in my new career. I made the effort by volunteering, networking and attending things I love. I worked to foster new friendships and became part of the community.

Every time I was frustrated by something I wanted but didn’t have, I figured out how to make it happen. Because I knew I had the power to do it.

I stopped thinking that my life had anything to do with what others did or thought, I took my power back.

I recently read something asking people to look at what had happened in the last ten years of their lives. I spend a lot of time looking forward, but looking back can give us great insight.

When I looked at the last ten years, I am amazed at all I have done.

I had moved to Atlanta and rented my house for two years, I moved back to WNC, started a new career as a life coach, erected my green house, put in a pond, became part of the local community, fostered new friendships, dated a few people and found a good one, started house sitting around the world, started a cycling habit, renovated my kitchen, and had numerous parties. The list goes on and on.

Taking time to look back at my accomplishments over the last ten years inspired me. It showed me how I used the power I have, to change my life.

I created it all. I took responsibility for making my life the way I wanted it.

If I looked at my life as a victim, which can be easy to do, I would have had no power to create the life I wanted.

Don’t give away your power. Make your life amazing by taking responsibility for everything. Don’t stay focused on your crappy childhood, move through the pain of your life events. Look at the past as lessons and see what can you learn.

You don’t have to go back to school to create a new career and life that will have you excited every day.

I am here to help you get on your next path. I can help you take your power back.

I have done it and I believe you can too.

Time keeps moving forward. Don’t miss out on living life. Sign up for a free consult call today.

You are the CEO of your life.