One of the biggest time sucks is indecision.

Once you know what you want, you can make it happen. When you don’t know or decide to figure it out, it will never happen.

The energy from a decision is very powerful.

I put my greenhouse up in 2021. I had it in my basement for almost 20 years.

I had it in Atlanta and originally set up in 1990. I moved to California in 1996 and sold the house with the greenhouse in the back yard. When I moved back to the southeast in 2001, I noticed that the greenhouse in my old back yard was not being used. I called the people and offered to take it down for them. They were thrilled to get rid of it.

I didn’t have a plan to erect it. There were many excuses for not erecting it-money, time, travel… It wasn’t until I took the time to decide where it would go and when I would put it up, that it happened.

I took the time to make a plan.

The original idea of where it would go, didn’t work. It was too far from the house. When I realized this I got discouraged.

I wanted to have a working greenhouse again and I was determined to figure it out. I pulled out the file and reread the directions. It said to find a spot close to the house because you would use it a lot during bad weather.

I started to look at other possibilities. Then it just came to me.

I grow tropical plants. I needed warm water in the winter. The spot is close to house with easy access to warm water, so I didn’t need a water heater. I can check the heat and other conditions easily without having to trudge through the yard in snow or rain. It turned out that the new location is much better than the first idea I had.

When I decided it was time to put the greenhouse up, it all fell in place. Before that it was just an idea.

Until you decide you are ready to find a new career, it will just be an idea.

I worked longer than I planned in Film production. I didn’t know what was next. That was the excuse I used to not make a change. I made the decision to figure out what was next and then it happened.

The first step to your next career is knowing what is next.

This step is fun. You don’t have to quit your job. You just have to decide you are ready to figure it out. Once you know what you want next, it is easy to make it happen.

When I decided the greenhouse location, it only took a few months to make it happen.

This is true with my clients too. Once they know what they want for their next career, they make it happen quickly.

Don’t waste another year saying you want a new career. Make a plan to figure out what’s next.

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