The things that we use to make our lives easier, like our phones and computers, are the things that keep us from being focused. Being focused is the best way to get something done. If you feel you can’t get anything done it’s time to check your distractions.

Wire Colander with thoughts going in at the top and focus coming out of bottom.

The movie The Social Dilemma opened my eyes to my distractions. The movie shows how social media and other apps were made to keep us engaged. If an app isn’t accessed for a while, it will try to engage you by sending a notification. After I saw the movie, I immediately turned off all notifications on everything.

I want to be the one who decides when I want to engage.

We expend a huge amount of energy thinking about the things that need to get done. The pile of undone work is very taxing on your brain. You keep thinking about that instead of being relaxed and enjoying the moment.

Distractions are robbing your time.

An interruption by a text, email, or a notification of any sort, will take you 20 minutes to get back into flow after you the interruption. So that quick glance at your phone or email, really takes about 25 minutes. If this happens over and over all day, your time disappears. And then you get nothing done.

Like all things that we want to change, we start with awareness. Take this week to see how often you are distracted. Be honest, you are the only one who will see this.

The best solution I found is 90 minute jam sessions.

How do you do a jam session?
Turn off all notifications-Phone, email, other apps.
Put a timer on for 90 minutes.
Focus on one task.

This is a practice.

At first, after you get set up, the urge to check your email or phone will come up. Fight the urge and stayed focused. The reason we want to check the email and text is because we have thoughts about what we are doing. It isn’t easy and it would be nice to think about something else. Keep fighting the urge. It will go away in a minute or so.

What you are doing is retraining your brain. It gets easier with practice. Soon the urges will not appear.

I have found that I like to start the day with the hardest task. I have been amazed at all I can get done in 90 minutes.

Completing the tasks will free up your brain, your schedule, and your life.

It took me awhile to integrate this into my life. I am here to help. Send me an email If you have questions.