Our brain is really our own personal AI.

Everything in the brain is programed from your past. When you think a thought, your brain is wired to prove that thought is true. There is lots of information in your brain to prove your thoughts, just like all the information on the internet used in AI.

Our brain processes about 60,000 thoughts a day. We tend to hold onto the thoughts that prove what we think.

There is always a different way of looking at everything.

View from the belayer on a climb. We see ropes and the climber. The climber's view is completely different

You can see this first-hand, if you look at a situation in your life.

Write down a story about a recent situation in your life. This is your point of view. Now come up with two different ways of looking at it. Make them up, be creative. They are not the first story that comes to your mind so it may seem unbelievable to you, but it is just a different view.

We have been programmed about time and what it means.

One such programming is that ‘time heals all wounds.’ Really? Do you have wounds from your childhood that still hurt? It isn’t time that heals them, it is working through them that heals them. It takes awareness and then a different perspective about the experience.

My example of this is my childhood. My Mother would say horrible things to me. I took them all personally because that is how they were presented. As an adult I needed to heal the things from my childhood. I looked at the situations as a victim, a powerless position. My thoughts were: Why did she treat me so horribly. Why would she say those things? They must be true.

I went to counseling and learned that she was a narcissist. When she said nasty things, it was really her fears and wounds from her childhood.

She just died at 88. She never healed the past and never understood herself fully. She had plenty of time to work through things, but she never did. She only looked at life one way, from her limited view of the world and how she thought it worked.

There are many ways to look at everything. I work to look at things through other’s eyes and to not just want to prove that I am right. This is not easy, but it is doable. It gets easier as you practice.

You have the power to change your brain. And time is a good place to start.

The amount of time things will take is determined by what you think.

Sometimes we use time as an excuse to not do things. ‘I don’t have the time’ is a common thought. But really, we have time for what we want to do.

When you hear yourself saying ‘I don’t have time for that,’ take a moment to see if that is really true. What is another reason why you are not doing it?

This week think about, What thoughts about time are holding you back?

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