There is never enough time in a day to get everything done.

lots of clocks

I think that is a false statement.

We do have enough time. It is all about priorities. I have found that I always have enough time to do the things I really want to do.

Most of you already know I worked in film production for years. The amount of work we could accomplish in a day is astounding. It is true we worked long hours but within those hours we accomplished a lot. More than you probably need to accomplish in your days.

Right after finishing a film I was so productive. On breaks from film work, I would work around my house. I accomplished a lot. I never thought I couldn’t finish what I scheduled.  I was doing work for my benefit.

I had a get-it-done mindset. So, I got things done.

Starting my business as a life coach was different story. At first, I had big lists and accomplished a lot. I was working long hours like I did in film. This was not sustainable.

I decided to leave film production for numerous reasons. One being that I wanted to have control of my schedule so I could live more.

That first year on my own, I didn’t really have the life I wanted. It was all about work. This needed to change. I was working but I was less efficient as the year progressed. I may have been at my desk a lot, but that wasn’t get me clients or making me happy.

Time management is hard when starting something new.

I needed time to network, think, exercise, hang with friends and work around the house. How could I fit all of these things into my week?

I have a friend who started a nonprofit. She was passionate and it took over her life. She worked all the time. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

I wanted balance not just work.

I went to my journal with a lot of questions to answer.

  • What did I want from my work?
  • What did I want from my life?
  • How was I spending my time?

I had worked on the first few questions a lot. I just needed to remember what I wanted.

As far as time went I had an idea of how I was spending my time, I just needed to see what it really looked like.

The first thing I did was log what I was doing each day for a few weeks.  It was interesting to see how my time was being spent. It showed me how I was really spending my time, not just what I thought I was doing.

Now I had an idea of what could be adjusted. I knew where I was just spinning my wheels. I figured out the things I was missing. And I learned how to set realistic goals that I could actually accomplish and still enjoy the experience.

With all of this information I got better at scheduling life and work.

I have more balance now. I make time to add bicycling and other things just for fun. I am able to accommodate a meeting, or a friend for a walk and lunch on a whim. And I still meet my goals.

Not having enough time is just a thought.
What if that isn’t really true?

Start with the time log and see how you spend your time. Then look at what adjustments make it possible to get it all done.

I am here to help just send me an email.
I’m sure I can fit you in my schedule.