Feeling stuck is not fun. Especially when we stay there longer then necessary.

I remember when I was ready to change my career. “I don’t know what to do next” was my main thought. My mind was stuck in the loop and couldn’t come up with anything.

Monk stuck in front of numerous doors

We create what we focus on.

When your mind is thinking about being confused, that is where it stays. Not knowing what to do next is what you are focusing on.

Stuck in confusion is where my clients are when they come to me. They can’t see all they have to offer because of this confusion. The first step in the process is to calm their mind. Being confident that they will find something they love helps with this calming. Just holding this belief, helps calm their mind.

Changing your language and your thoughts will help open your mind to new ideas. Just saying, “I don’t know what is next” will keep you in confusion.

What thought that will open your mind?

For me the thought “I will figure it out” helps whenever I am confused. Now, I don’t always go there quickly, sometimes my confused state is where I stay. It is like a temper tantrum. Then when I am ready to change my mood, I breathe, calm myself and look at the problem differently. I start by thinking “I will figure this out.”

Opening your mind to a new career is fun.

It is all about discovering more about yourself. The biggest challenge is managing your brain. Remember our brain wants to keep us on the same path. It is just trying to protect us.

I have been through the journey to finding a new career. I understand what it takes. I can help you through the tough times and encourage you to celebrate the good times.

Don’t let your confusion keep you stuck. I am here to help. A free consult call will give insight and a path to find your next career. Don’t delay, sign up today!