One of the main thoughts I hear from people is about Job Security. They don’t want to leave a job they don’t like anymore because they feel secure in their job and they don’t know if they will feel secure without it.

My father went to school for petroleum engineering. After he finished his master’s, he got a job with East Ohio Gas.  He worked his way up from working in the field to working in an office. He retired in his late 50’s. He stayed at the same company for his whole career.

This was a common occurrence for his generation. This is not the case anymore. Staying at the same company your whole career is very uncommon.

welder welding a pipe

Job security is a thing of the past.

You might think you will stay and be secure but is that really the case?

About a month ago in North Carolina a paper mill that had been in business for over 100 years closed. The employees were out of a job the next day. They all thought they had job security before the closing.

Job security is a thing of the past.

You don’t know how long a company will be in business or your position will be needed. There are many reasons you can get fired including being at the company too long. They may find reasons to get rid of you because you are too expensive.

Staying at a job you no longer want because you have job security is just a thought that was engrained in you from childhood.

Job security is a thing of the past.

If you could do anything and make the same money, or more, would you stay at your current job?
Why not?

Answers to these questions will help you decide if it is time for a change.

Change is hard. Remember our brains are programmed to keep us safe. Your brain is giving you the job security thought to keep you on the same path. You brain is filled with thoughts to keep you “safe”.

Take charge of your brain. Take charge of your life.

There are so many other career possibilities out there for you. I know you can find the one that excites you and makes work fun again.

I am here to help. A new perspective is what you need. I can help you look at your skills and accomplishments in a new way.

Your future is open. Don’t limit it with the thought that you need to stay because of job security.

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