It has been a month of tips about the reasons we stay stuck.

You probably realize now that all of the reasons stem from fear.

Scrabble tiles spell fear

Your brain has two functions.

It’s first function is to come up with thoughts. The second is to prove your thoughts are true. Your brain is very creative. The thoughts can be random. Some of the thoughts are hard to prove but it still finds the proof it needs to make you feel like you are right.

I talked about just a few of the reasons we stay stuck this month. I am sure you can come up with even more that make sense to you. Your brain is keeping you safe. Staying safe is what your brain wants.

But how do you want to live?

Your brain is really amazing. It learned things that make it possible for you to live every day. And there is a history of things that could kill you. “Lions and Tigers and Bear, oh my.” Most of the safety measures your brain learned were during the caveman era.

For example: You brain tries to keep you lazy. If you expend too much energy, you need more food. Early in our existence as a species, food wasn’t easy to find. When it comes to exercising, it is easy to skip it. Your brain is offering you many reasons to not exercise. Remember your brain’s job is to keep you safe. If you exercise you will need more food. You may not be able to find food. It is easier if you just don’t exercise. In modern society it is easier to find food. Our brains have not evolved to know that. The brain is still stuck in an early development stage.

I have worked to figure out my brain. There are times that my brain is very creative. It has thoughts and it proves them all to be true-even if they are not true. It can find evidence to prove anything.

The longer you have believed something the harder it is to get rid of it. You will have to change your thinking. You have to stop believing your brain. You will have to question everything your brain gives you.

There are things that I have believed for years. They come from my childhood, my mother, my family and from what I needed to believe to survive. Now that I am an adult, those things that helped me survive, need to change. They are not true. They are no longer serving me.

But those thoughts are hard to let go. They have been my beliefs for a long time. The grooves the thoughts have in my brain are deep.

I have to decide to be aware of my thoughts and realize when these thoughts come up, that they are not true. They are just a habit. Breaking any habit takes effort.

What you need to do to change your career is break the habit.

You need to decide this is important to you and you are ready to make a change. When your brain gives you thoughts that keep you stuck, you need to decide to move forward anyway.

It is hard to change careers or make any changes in your life.

The good news is you can control your brain. You can learn a new way of thinking. It will take practice. At first, thinking differently is strange and upsetting. This is where working with a coach will help. A new perspective on your thoughts is enlightening.

When I started to look at my life differently it opened me up to so many new possibilities.

I had a lot to figure out. And I still find more to work on every day. I no longer believe everything I think.

This doesn’t mean I don’t fall down. But I am happy to get back up faster and faster.

So don’t stay stuck and unhappy. I know you are amazing, and you can do anything. Having a guide and strong supporter along the way, will make the journey faster and easier.

Let’s get you on your next path.

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