The words we use are important. They set the energy for a sentence.

There are words that shut down your mind. And words that open you up to possibilities.

picture of words on a page

 It is important to be aware of how words are affecting us.

  • “I have to do this” brings up a different feeling then “I want to do this.”  
  • “I don’t know how they did that” vs “I wonder how they did that?”
  • “I can’t do this” vs “I will figure this out”


I know you can feel the difference in each statement. You can see that the first statement closes your mind and the second one opens it.

This happens in all communication with others and ourselves.

We react differently to the words we say.

When you want to do things how do you talk to yourself?

I use my cycling as an example. When I tell myself I have to bike, I don’t look forward to the ride. If instead, I think about why I want to go, how I will feel biking and how I will feel afterwards, I am excited to bike. Then I schedule and make it happen. Just changing how I look at biking will determine if I do it or not.

I hear my clients use words that shut them down. Once we change the words to be more open, and more inviting, they change the way they see things. Then they make things happen.

Take some time this week to look at how you say things to others and to yourself.

Awareness is the first step to any change.

If you are stuck with the thought “I don’t know what to do next?” Your brain is trying to solve the “what’s next” question. You have no idea what’s next because you have closed your mind.

Try this instead. “I am excited to think about what could be next for me. There are so many possibilities out there. I know I can find something that I will love.” Can you feel the difference?

I am here to help you open your mind to all of the possibilities out there. It all starts with a free consult call.

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