We are all leaders. We are making an impact even if we don’t realize it.

We influence our friends and family with the things we do, or don’t do, every day.

Older woman sitting teaching ballet

There are many ways to do everything. We get to decide how we do things.

I lead my clients to find a career that they will enjoy. A career that aligns with their values and desired lifestyle.

Why do I do this?

I wanted to find my next career that used my talents and worked with the life I wanted.

Film production was a great first career for me. I learned so much. I built confidence in my abilities like networking, dealing with change, working with different people, and building long lasting relationships in business and life. It was an important journey for me.

I didn’t have a plan B.

When I was looking for something new, I did what I find most people do. They experiment by trying different careers to determine what they like. This is a good way to figure out what you like and dislike, but it can take many years of trial and error before you find the right thing for you. One of my friends did this. In the end she knew all the things that she didn’t like but never really found the thing she loved.

My own journey taught me things and opened me up to new ideas. It wasn’t until I stopped and looked deeper within myself that I found my next path.

We need to know ourselves, before we can find what we want in our next career.

We have a limited amount of time on this earth. We work over a third of our lives. That is a lot of time to spend doing something you don’t like.

When you are in the right career you will feel happier, which will affect all parts of your life.

Let’s get you on the next path quicker. My program will get you there in 90 days.

It is fast, simple and fun.

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Once you know what you want, you can make it happen.

Loving your work. Loving your life.
Think about how this will influence your friends and family.