Life is a journey.

Everyone’s journey is different.

It is only when we compare our journey to others that we create despair within ourselves.

Bicycle wheels


Last night I went to a showing of a documentary by a local filmmaker, Paul Bonesteel,  called “Shadow of a Wheel.” It was the story of 30 teens who raised money and biked across America for Multiple Scleroses in 1982. They were teenagers that raised around $6,000 each to do the trip. It was the story of the trip and how it affected the lives of the people who completed it. It is a wonderful film.

I found myself wishing my childhood was different. I wish I had an experience like that.
How would it have changed my life?
How would I be different in the world?
What would I be doing today if I had that experience?

These questions made me sad. I was comparing my life experiences with these other people. The comparison didn’t change my life. The comparison just made me sad that I didn’t have that experience.

When we compare, we create despair. And that is all.

I can’t go back and relive my childhood. I can make choices on what I do now as an adult. And I live life to the fullest as much as I can. I can actively search for new experiences. I can make the effort to experience all I can in nature, art and travel. And I can love the work I am doing.

I have created the life I want. If I look at the movie and wish I could relive my life and do something like that ride across America, it doesn’t change my journey.

My journey is different.

I may not have had the experiences that these people had but I have had interesting, enlightening experiences throughout my life. My journey is different, also life changing and great.

When we compare, we create despair.

Your journey is your journey. We are all on different paths.

Take time today to embrace your experiences, honor your journey and love your own life.